Create a 2D / 3D fashion retail environment. Brands meeting people: develop a concept for a fashion environment to connect a new target group to an existing jeans brand. Develop this into a 2D & 3D presentation. To create this presentation the following steps have to be completed: Phase 1 development of the concept, Phase 2 design the retail environment, Phase 3 prepare the presentation. Michelle and I linked Dsquared to the charming fit boys.


What did I learn?

  • I am up to date with retail trends and developments
  • I can present a variety of inspiring and contemporary retail environments on the basis of research
  • I can develop an idea into a relevant retail concept and design for a brand store that is appropriate to both the brand and its target group
  • I can design a 3D presentation of the retail environment that communicates its concept and design clearly and unambiguously and is appropriate to the brand identity
  • My Process Book makes my own research process clear and understandable
  • I can clarify and explain my conclusions and decisions