Xana Ferreira Chicano is a 24-year-old AMFI branding graduate with creative direction, art direction and fashion editing skills. With her passion for fashion and innovation she started her education at The Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2017 where she studied Fashion & Branding. She is a great forecaster with her eye for trends and detail, loves writing innovative content and future scenarios, has an eye for developing inventive concepts and enjoys being creative through photography, sketching, editing and art direction.

Xana is an achiever, someone who’s really ambitious. She always tries to attain her goals and be the best version of herself through self-reflection. She loves to develop herself and inspire others with her creative and innovative work.

They say she is a master in creating authentic concepts that challenge the status quo, why should things just be according to the mainstream and boring rules? Xana always put topics out of their context and put them in new perspectives that are surprising and out-of-the-box.

Besides her creative work she likes to travel, see new cultures and meet new people. She always gets inspired by the purity of different cultures, places, their inhabitants and nature.


Currently working as Fashion/Shopping Editor at Harper's Bazaar & Jan | Brand Manager at ByNouck.