All the 10 groups start by researching both a traditional tribe and a contemporary music movement. The conclusions you draw will be the starting point for a new tribe that lives in the Bijlmer in 2030. This new tribe will be the foundation/inspiration of your new brand. Your brand will offer solutions and meaning for the future society. The research needs to be in-depth, authentic and have to provide you from clear starting points to translate it into a sustainable fashion concept that is future-proof for the year 2030.


What did I learn?

Overall aim for Triptych is to cross the knowledge from the three departments to each other. Triptych gives the opportunity for students to do tasks from other departments. It is an important time to broaden your horizons before going into the flexible programme. So, dare yourself to do something you never did and use your knowledge and qualities to guide your peers.


  • I learned how to work in a big group
  • I learned how to do research, how to analyze it and how to apply the information
  • I learned how to execute the creative direction
  • I learned how to make and edit a fashion film
  • I learned how to get structure in such a big group 
  • I learned how to work as sustainable as possible 
  • I learned how to make a collection with 3 departments